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free upside-down tree turtle love

4 January
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I am. redhead missionary kid (MK) missing India for its southern mountains, spicy masala, and sweet mangoes. now a college girl in flatland Indiana, finding roots only in heaven and growing like crazy closer to God, my Jehovah-shalom (the Lord--Jesus--is Peace), singing, pounding pianos and fiddling with the guitar. Merry Christmas anytime.
airports, aloo paratha, anna nalick, anne of green gables, argentina, asia, bananas, bare feet, being a soprano, being an alto, being an mk, berlin, biriyani, black, blankets, bolivian alpaca fur, books, breakfast, c.s. lewis, campfires, camping, candles, canoeing, carrots, chappals, chapstick, chocolate, choir, christmas, coconut chutney, colombia, conversations, corduroy, corrugated tin roofs, costa rica, cuddling, debussy, dreaming, eating with my fingers, email, espanol, evening dew, fair trade, flying, forrest gump, fruit, georgia, ginny owens, green lake, green tea, guatemala, guitar, hand lotion, having freckles, having red hair, hiking, hugs, hummus, hungary, hyperness, india, isabel allende, james taylor, jars of clay, jesus, john mayer, journals, kenya, keychains, kodaikanal international school, korea, kurtas, languages, latin america, laughing, leaves, lifehouse, lightning, listening, london, love, making lists, mango pickle, masala chai, mexico, middle east, missionary kids, monsoon, mountains, music, my earlobes, narnia, natacha atlas, nicaragua, nichole nordeman, orange, paneer makhanwala, papua new guinea, peace, plumb, poetry, power outages, praying, rain, randomness, rasberry-picking, reading, relientk, rice, roots, running, scarves, shawls, showers, simon birch, singing, sixpence none the richer, slippers, smiling, spanish, stars, stories, sweet home alabama, swimming, switchfoot, taking notes, tamil, tandoori chicken, taylor university, tea, thailand, the bible, the moon, the music man, the sound of music, the wizard of oz, thinking, third culture kids, thunder, trains, traveling, turtles, vadai, walking, waterfalls, whole wheat bread, writing