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amsterdam amazement. [Sep. 6th, 2008|11:09 pm]
[music |not gonna write you a love song (stuck in my head)]

'we're not in Indiana anymore, Toto...but it kind of looks like it!' [cornfields, cows, flat land, blond people]

bicycles. beers. bruises.

addictions. fears. and other confessions.

kids. third culture kids. musical collaboration. honest conversation. total craziness. love. kids.

roller coasters. strolls with my name-twin. speaking in spanish. sharing pastries and political debates.

liberating language usage. freeing theology.

a capella improvising. candle lighting. hand laying. foot washing. praying. communion partaking.

goodbyes. good cries. time flies. heaven lies ahead.

city slickers. picture clickers. eco-friendly walkers. international pancake gawkers.

dutch church. be bold. scarlet cord.

missionary celebrity relaxing. avocado squashing. love feasting. bookshelf browsing.

group debriefing. grief outpouring.

'thank you for sharing your tears'. still have unspoken fears. but that's okay.

Nouwen memorial. awe.

irreverent movie. old people. swedish braid. bolomde. bolomde again. cheers.

art. affirmation. markets. mystification.

mosaic cafe. bob dylan. monk label. innovative meal. meeting of passionate social anthropologists.

red lights in windows. tight grips on arms. stars and moon in night sky.

swimming stomach. hope-floating heart.

love stories. loss stories. last-minute revelatory glories.

trams. trains. goodbyes in rains. reunions on planes.

adventures in honesty. alone-togetherness. amazing human artwork.

see you later, lovers